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  • Camera slider is the leading way cinematographers are able to turn subtext into substance, and translate emotions into nearly palpable, visceral experiences. This creative control means the difference between a gritty handheld approach.
  • VectorGear motion control camera slider offers 2 options while using, manual movement or electrically controlled movement, both can be easy use with a DSLR or cinema camera.

Customer Reviews

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one of the best slider in this price

I had one flywheel slider, the longer one, from a friend, as a gift last year.
So l got myself a motion control version this year.

You should think about making more videos about the motion control system of this slider. The photos on INS can't show how great that is at all. It's actually a very, very good product!!

If anyone of my friends is considering a new slider, I would recommend this with no doublt.

Tony Robinson Jr
Surprisingly good

Was sure if this is a good deal until I received the box from DHL.
The slider was made with carbon fiber, It looks pretty solid but It's a lot lighter than I thought.

The motion system is easy to understand with only one button on it.
Tried to shot some slow motion shot, and I am really happy with the result so far. Planning going out to do some time-lapse next week.